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Can't Afford to Divorce? Don't be Stuck in a Loveless Marriage

If you mention the word divorce, aside from the emotional perception, most people think of money, or to be more precise cost.

Divorce has a reputation, perhaps justifiably, as being an incredibly costly and expensive experience. As the world is gripped by a cost of living crisis, perhaps now more than ever before, the costs related to divorce are a major factor in the decision making process for many couples. Today we are going to examine divorce and the costs involved and debunk the myth that divorce, and getting high quality support and guidance when getting divorced has to break the bank.

We are amazed by the number of people who come to us for a free consultation under the impression that they have to remain in their marriage as they cannot afford expert guidance, or at best that they can leave the marriage but have no guidance or support at all. It is vitally important to remember that divorce is a legal process and we believe that the very best help and support through the process should be available and readily affordable to all.

As indicated above, divorce has a reputation for being incredibly costly. A report by Insurance giant Aviva put the cost of divorce at £14,500 for UK couples and this can often be much higher when matters become contentious. Indeed, Family Judges are increasingly keen to impress upon parties the need to resolve matters out of the court arena to avoid unnecessary spiralling legal fees.

An article on the cost of divorce featured on the money helper website suggests that using a traditional local divorce solicitor for a non contested divorce would cost upto £950; we know from speaking to our clients that some local divorce solicitors quote a fixed fee of £1,400 to £1,600 for cases such as these.

When adding in extra costs such as Financial Orders it is easy to see why many people now look to alternative divorce service providers, but even then without due care and attention hidden costs or hidden extras can still see over costs spiral way above the highly appealing baseline figure quoted on companies homepages. One such company quote their divorce service to cost just £249 but if you then add in the cost of any linked essential financial order then an additional costs are added in and the headline cheap £249 divorce is suddenly going to cost nearly £750, with payment in full required up front. Whilst clearly being cheaper than a local divorce solicitor the cost is still not insignificant. It is also worth noting that many of the alternative divorce service providers are highly sales focussed and offer no experience in legal matters at all. Indeed, one such provider saw 28 divorce applications dismissed by a Family Judge as they all carried the same incidences of unreasonable behaviour with the Judge deeming the likelihood of this as simply impossible.

All of the Divorce Consultants at My Online Divorce have decades of experience in both Divorce and general Family Law. Our Divorce Consultants take time to learn the story of each and every one of our clients in order that the best, most personal and empathetic service is provided to all. Our prices are exactly as quoted on our website; there are no add ons or hidden extras and because we understand how important the access to high quality support and guidance is our fees can be paid in affordable instalments whilst we get on with managing your divorce. We are proud to have helped thousands of clients with their divorces and related financial orders and we are proud that we have never had a divorce application or draft financial order queried or rejected by the court; we pride ourselves on getting things right the first time every time, and our work for clients is guaranteed on that basis.

Divorce can be incredibly expensive but there are numerous options available which can help reduce and manage your costs. We do not champion divorce but if you are faced with divorce and want an affordable divorce solution that doesn't compromise on quality guidance and support then book your free consultation now with one of our friendly divorce consultants. We want to hear your story and we want to help. Book a free divorce consultation here.

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