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Common Divorce Myths Examined

When consulting with prospective clients we always want to hear their story; it is their divorce that they are seeking help and support with, it is their very own set of circumstances that they are living and it is their lives that are going through an incredibly stressful and upsetting period. Whilst we want to hear the story of every one of our divorce clients and prospective divorce clients, before we get to the story it is not uncommon for us to be met with questions about divorce.

Our Divorce Consultants have put together a list of 5 of the most common questions or concerns that they are presented with when consulting with new divorce clients.

1. Divorce is Expensive

This is perhaps the most common myth and perhaps in the current economic climate cost is becoming an increasingly important factor when considering divorce. By choosing carefully how you are helped and supported through your divorce, costs can be kept to a minimum. It is no secret that engaging a Divorce Solicitor is expensive and although some do now offer a fixed fee service in order that your costs are clear, the cost will still, in the main, be considerable. It is possible to handle your own divorce paper work which keeps costs to an absolute minimum but this can be time consuming and stressful. If you don't want to pay thousands of pounds for a divorce solicitor, yet you also don't want to deal with matters alone and would rather get expert guidance with your divorce papers then an online divorce specialist can work out much cheaper. We would urge caution in this respect as many of these providers offer a one size fits all service and provide no genuine expertise or care for your circumstances; instead they operate with a focus on sales figures rather than the client experience. If you do wish to speak with a genuine, caring divorce expert with significant experience and training in Family and Divorce Law then book a free consultation with My Online Divorce today, tell us your story and let us help you. Book a Consultation Now.

2. Once you receive the Final Order/ Final Decree, thats it finished

This is another very common myth. The Final Order, formerly the Final Decree, ends the marriage but importantly it does not end financial ties. If there is no court approved order protecting either party from future financial claims by the other then a claim could be brought in the future regardless of how long it has been since the Final Order or Decree was granted. Our Divorce Consultants go to a great deal of effort to highlight the importance of a Clean Break Order being a part of your Divorce provision and they are offered at easily affordable prices from ourselves as part of our divorce service packages.

3. Divorce is always bitter and always ends up in Court

In divorce proceedings it is rare for matters to require parties to attend court. The introduction of No Fault Divorce in April 2022 now means that the only instances where court attendance is likely to be required is where parties are unable to reach agreement on financial matters relating to the marriage and even then court would be the very last resort after all other alternatives have been exhausted. Our Divorce Consultants have helped thousands of people through their Divorce and are experts in helping parties reach agreement on all aspects surrounding their divorce. We are also pleased to work in conjunction with an accredited mediation provider where agreement cannot be reached.

4. Who a child lives with after separation has greater rights than the other parent

The living arrangements for a child has no bearing on the role of each parent in important decision making throughout the Childs life if both parties have parental responsibility. The Childs mother automatically has parental responsibility. The father will have parental responsibility if he was married to the mother at the time of the child's birth, if he is named on the birth certificate, or if he has a Parental Responsibility Order from the Court. Speak with one of our Divorce Consultants if you have any concerns about arrangements for your children post divorce.

5. Some Providers can get me Divorced Quicker

There is no such thing as a 'Quickie- Divorce'. One Divorce Service provider does not have access to specialist ways to get you divorced quicker than any other provider and the Court only processes divorce applications In the order in which they are received. The working practices of divorce service providers and their ability to closely manage cases so that submissions are always made to the Court on the day they are due can help get you divorced sooner than were your case not to be so closely managed, the timescales for obtaining a divorce are however, in the main, very similar across the board. We would however once again urge caution when considering the providers who offer quickie- divorces or easy divorces as they may not be genuine experts. We have had clients come to us from such providers because their applications were repeatedly rejected by the court and the quick or easy divorce promised was anything but. Likewise we have had numerous clients refer their case to us due to their instructed divorce solicitor failing to progress their case in a satisfactory manner. Our Divorce Consultants focus upon the finer details and ensure that all cases are micro managed to their conclusion in order that our clients divorce cases are fully concluded at the very first opportunity. If you want to benefit from real expertise, to feel confident that your divorce application will be accepted first time and that your case will be closely managed by an experienced divorce expert and if you want to enjoy all of these benefits for a fully transparent fixed fee with the option of paying in instalments then contact us here for your free consultation.

There are many issues and concerns that can cloud the mind when you are faced with divorce and we feel that the help and support of an expert in their field who has a genuine empathy for your story is something that should not cost thousands and thousands of pounds. We at My Online Divorce want to hear your story and we want to offer you the very best in help, support and guidance for a clear and affordable fee that is realistic to everyone. If you are faced with divorce, want to start the divorce process or have been served with divorce papers then contact us today and book a free consultation with one of our team of expert Divorce Consultants.

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