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Divorcing Together: The Rise of Couples Services

The Introduction of 'no- fault' divorce in England and Wales in April 2022 has brought about a significant change in the way that many couples are choosing to divorce.

The change in divorce laws has removed the requirement to place blame for the breakdown of the relationship on a particular party and as a result we have seen a significant uplift in those choosing to use our Couples Divorce Services. This is no doubt in part down to the fact that under the new legislation, couples can now submit a joint application for divorce. However, in a world in which costs are spiralling for everyone, it may also be the case that people are seeking a more cost effective route to divorce following the breakdown of their relationships - leaving both to set out on their new journey with a healthier bank balance than had a more contentious route have been chosen.

Divorce, by its very nature, has always been viewed as an arena for conflict and it is on this conflict that divorce solicitors have thrived. Having a ferocious solicitor defending your position through a divorce may offer some form of misconceived security for some. However, conflict in general takes time and with either sides solicitor seeking to placate their client by refusing to give any ground or even encouraging them not do so, costs can and very often do spiral out of control. With divorce solicitors charging upwards of £250 per hour for their time it is easy to see how bills for clients can very quickly rack up. If, for example, each party divorces with solicitor fees of £10,000 then £20,000 has gone from the 'post divorce financial pot'. This in itself shows why many are looking for more cost effective routes to divorce and why there is a significant growth in specialist online divorce providers who offer, amongst other services, divorce services for couples. It also demonstrates why there has been a rise in divorce solicitors offering services to non contentious couples.

The shift in to the fixed rate couples services market place by divorce solicitors demonstrates an acceptance that conflict may not be the way forward. However, it may be viewed that this position is in someway disingenuous given that the solicitor continues to accept contentious cases paid by the hour which are driven by conflict.

The non adversarial divorce remains a baffling concept to some but our experience since April 2022 tells us that in the new world of no- fault divorce and in a world where money is increasingly tight for many the need for couples amicable divorce services is clear. It may be that ultimately the traditional divorce solicitor cannot compete in this market due to their business structures and overheads making competitive pricing unachievable. We at My Online Divorce deliver the highest levels of support and guidance to couples going through divorce and with decades of Family Law experience we help ensure that they get things right first time every time. With fully transparent fixed fees you will only pay us the price quoted and our couples divorce services are priced as follows:

Couples Fully Managed Divorce £379 (just £189.50 each)

Couples Fully Managed Divorce and Clean Break Order £579 (just £289.50 each)

Couples Fully Managed Divorce and Financial Consent Order £879 (just £439.50 each)

Book your free consultation today. We will save you money on the cost of getting divorced.

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