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Successful Separation - How to Get a Good Divorce

Divorce is difficult.

Regardless of the circumstances that may have brought about the irretrievable breakdown fo a relationship, dealing with divorce can be highly emotional, time consuming an extremely challenging. Our experience has shown us that these feelings and challenges are not reserved solely for the separating couple as the effects of divorce reach much further than them. Close family members, friendship bubbles and of course children are all faced with challenging and complex emotions when those close to them divorce. However, with a careful, considered and measured approach it is possible to make the divorce process smoother for everyone directly or indirectly involved and it is possible to experience a good divorce.

Don't Rush or be Hasty

The decision to divorce is a significant one and very careful consideration has to be taken before deciding that it is the path that you wish to go down; it is unusual for a relationship to ever fully recover from the threat of divorce whether it be an idle threat or genuine.

All relationships go through rocky patches and these periods coupled with the pressures of modern living can place a significant strain on a relationship. If you are encountering relationship difficulties we would always encourage that consideration be given to marriage counselling in such circumstances before ever raisin the possibility of divorce; many people see real relationship benefits from the services of marriage counsellors.

Get the best Support and Guidance

You don't ned to use a traditional local divorce solicitor when you are certain that divorce is the only option for you. There are many different divorce service providers available now who will make the costs involved in getting divorced significantly cheaper than using a traditional divorce solicitor. However, it is also important to ensure that you consider the knowledge, reliability and service standards of the providers you consider; a family judge once dismissed numerous divorce applications from different people but submitted by the same service provider due to the fact that they were all identical! Cheaper isnt always better!

The first consideration for many when looking for a divorce service provider is to check the cost of a local divorce solicitor. A divorce solicitor will typically charge by the hour and a straightforward divorce could end up costing several thousand pounds or more. As more Divorce Service providers have entered the market place offering quick, easy and cheap divorce solutions there has been an increase in the number of local divorce solicitors offering a fixed rate service. Although the rates are fixed these solicitor services will still be very expensive and will also likely carry hidden fees for extras or disbursements.

If cost is a driving factor in your considerations when looking for expert divorce support then Google will direct you to the plethora of Online Divorce Providers that have entered the market place. Whilst these companies might save you money on the cost of getting divorced when compared to a divorce solicitor, they might also cause you significant stress and in many cases will cost you more than the headline price; what originally appears as a £200 divorce quickly adds up when consent orders and other admin fees are added these companies still clients close to £1,000 for a divorce. We would always suggest looking for transparent fees where you can see exactly what you are paying for. We would always suggest talking with the companies first in order that you can get a feel for them and always be very wary of Online providers wanting you to buy their service immediately without consultation.

As Online businesses, the Online Divorce providers do not carry the significant business and regulatory overheads that high street local divorce solicitors do and this means they are able to offer prices that are much more affordable to their prospective clients.

My Online Divorce from Online Divorce Services is a unique option in the market place. The Divorce Consultants at My Online Divorce are all vastly experienced in Divorce and Family Law with decades of assisting clients behind them. My Online Divorce is also unique in that you cannot buy a divorce service without first having a free consultation with a Divorce Consultant. This ensures that your Divorce Consultant understands your story, that you get the the correct service for you and that payment options can be discussed to ensure that your divorce is affordable.

If you have exhausted all options and are certain that you wish to start the divorce process, or if you have been served with divorce papers, and if you want to benefit from expert support and guidance from legal experts in divorce for a fixed affordable fee, then contact us today and arrange your free consultation.

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